Three Practices to Activate Self Regulation

Three Practices To Activate Self Regulation

Dear friends,
We are living in times when external events are turbulent and uncertain.Nevertheless the sun remains untainted, and the cooling rays of the moon wax and wane with each phase of the month. The seasons still change. Thank goodness for their grace and love.
So many people are wondering in what ways they can contribute to the world when it appears so broken.
Over the past eight years I’ve been sharing with you ways to connect from within. Not to disregard the world or to stay in a a cave but the means to live in the world with a connection your Self.
In practical psychology terms it’s called ” self regulation”. It’s a term that means  in the dictionary “the fact of something such as an organization regulating itself without intervention from external bodies.”

It’s actually both humbling and empowering to know that you can make a huge difference in the environment you live in and beyond, by connecting with that self regulating  power inherent in your own being and physiology. 

Three practices that activate self regulation are:

1. Marma, Marma Marma, energy healing. Our body’s life force called ‘ prana” or chi, ki, in other terms gets stuck with repeated negative emotions, stress, grief,fear and trauma.Even if you don’t think you’ve had significant trauma, you are traumatized when the level of fear, anger, danger, and unsafety simply triggers you in a relationship. Or the loss of someone you love suddenly takes place.These types of situations move your body into ” fight or flight” mode where adrenaline is released, cortisol is elevated and suddenly digestion also becomes a problem; either constipation, acid re-flux or diarrhea. There are no thoughts or situations that are NOT going to disrupt self regulation that is anything from love, acceptance, kindness, compassion and forgiveness, and one more generosity. Fear based thoughts and actions add to the mass confusion. Love is the energy that moves mountains.
Marma therapy, a unique energy therapy from Ayurveda, uses pressure points, sound, gemstones, and chakra stones to ignite that self correcting mechanism.Body, mind and soul become “happy, calm and clear” when energy is flowing freely throughout your being. This is how to stay on course. This is how you can make a difference. By staying balanced and in touch with your own values you can move beyond feeling of fear, hopelessness and even depression.
Like tuning an instrument your body goes in and out of tune on a regular basis. What practices do you have to stay in tune?

I’m loving offering long distance sessions where you don’t have to drive anywhere in traffic to receive healing. You can email me for scheduling details. The results have been profound!

2. Meditation

The practice of meditation when transcending the mind activates the “self correcting “mechanism.
By simply focusing on the in breath and out breath, leaving the judging or getting somewhere mind out of the picture allows for activating self regulation.

3.  You may want make a list of your values. Look at them each day and remind yourself to act from them. Whether ti’s being kind to a friend or neighbor or, or family member or simply walking in nature while feeling gratitude, this inner energy ,unscathed by outer circumstance will come alive. and make you feel good.
Feeling good, feeling joy, feeling your well being is the goal!

I hope to see you at ” Chantlanta”, Atlanta’s chanting event on Saturday March 14-15th. I will be giving a few talks on energy, chakras and how they impact your health . These talks are scheduled on Saturday the 14th in the Ayurveda designated room.

warm regards,