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My Grandmother’s Cooked Fruit

There’s something comforting and nurturing about having cooked fruit. In today’s culinary world we’d call it “compote”. My grandmother always had cooked fruit in her apartment made in ball jars. She’d climb up high over her countertops to give us some when we visited. It was a fond memory and ritual each Sunday at Bubbi Tarlow’s house.
Although it was often made in the fall and winter, I find a summertime berry combo a delicious way to top steel-cut oats, coconut ice cream, or by itself first thing in the morning. After it’s cooked I let it completely cool then store in a glass jar in the frig. It’s also good with goat cheese on toast for breakfast. My grandmother ate it with sour cream.

Like my grandmother, these “amounts” may not be exact but follow how you feel and it will work out. ( a little of this she said and a little of that).

One cup blueberries
One cup of strawberries
One cup raspberries
Shavings of lemon rid ( optional)
one tsp water
Either maple syrup- just a little, or coconut sugar
Arrowroot powder or non-GMO cornstarch ( for thickening)

* You can use all or one type of berry or substitute cut up apples adding cinnamon, cardamom, a pinch of nutmeg. The apples may need a bit of water but not much as it will make it too soupy. Green or macintosh sweet apple work or a mixture. And you can leave the skins on. Talk about fiber!! The apples can be made in a crockpot as well. 

There’s’ no end to being creative here. I like cardamon in everything  ( even my coffee) so I add it. Cinnamon or vanilla is also fine. You can use the orange rind as well.

Put in a small pot and cook on medium heat then lower heat til berries are cooked about ten to fifteen minutes. Add one tsp arrowroot or cornstarch mixed with a small amount of warm water to thicken at end of cooking. Remove from stove and let cool.

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