Practical Aspects of Ayurveda-1

Ayurveda is the oldest integrative health system which has sustained five thousand years….. amazing!

I would like to share with you the practical aspects of this health and healing system that could bring profound benefits to your life.

First off, knowing your “Prakruti” is of extreme value as it governs your psycho-physiological make up. It is like a map of your consciousness . Finding your prakruti can be most accurately discovered through a pulse reading. The deep pulse reveals the consciousness you were born with and the superficial pulse reveals the current imbalance you may be dealing with on all levels of your being.. physical, mental, spiritual or emotional.

By learning your prakruti you can then begin to integrate the right foods, herbs, yoga postures, meditation, marma, essential oils, environment that best suits your individual make up. By understanding which “dosha” is disturbed or which element is out of balance an ayurvedic practicioner, such as myself ,can then recommend proper herbs, marma,lifestyle, foods, pranayama ( breathing) to restore balance.

Ayurveda seeks to discover the “cause” . For example: If a person is feeling constipated and has dry skin ,”Vata” may be out of balance.

The opposite quality is what will remedy Vata. Oiling the body, taking ghee internally will lubricate the gut and allow for regular bowel movements. Staying away from dry , crunchy foods and adding warm cooked foods and veggies will balance Vata.

Simple yet effective approaches are the heart of Ayurvedic remedies.

These common conditions when understood with an Ayurvedic perspective bring the harmony and balance we are all seeking  today.

Gedalia-writing from India as student of world reknowned teacher Dr. Vasant Lad