Practical Holiday Ayurveda-2

Practical, applicable actions and benefits are at the heart of Ayurveda.

This simple approach compliments our busy daily lifestyle today. I’ve always believed and practiced the small things that can truly make a difference. These small things practiced over time is what makes a shift within our being. I call these  “gems”.. as I picture a treasure chest of precious jewels; taking each one or a few out into our lives each day changes our vibratory energy, improves our mental and emotional health and therefore enhances our overall health.

Here’s a few holiday gems:

During the holiday season when we are served lots of rich and sugary foods one can simply drink “buttermilk” after food or one part yogurt with four parts water add some roasted cumin seeds and pinch of tumeric, to help the gut digest it’s food into nutritional value. This will improve “gut flora” and enhance absorption of nutrients as well.

Another precious gem is:

Avoid snacking in between meals so your body has a strong digestive fire when it’s time to eat.. and take  a short 10-15 minute walk after you eat that heavy meal for the holidays. It’s a good breathing break from the family dynamics too!

I encourage people to leave out ‘bread’ this time of year as winter is kapha season.. bread from wheat is heavy to digest and adds to creating mucous in the body. There’s enough wetness and dampness in the environment we don’t need to add that to our bodies.

Think seasonally, look at the environment you live in. Eat locally- fruits and veggies that grow in your nearby states not ones that travel from foreign countries. Nature gives you what you need if you look at what’s in front of you in your own state. When I shop I first look at the signs above to see where the food came from..

And please don’t eat melons or watermelon in the winter!!

Make your holidays authentic to who you are.. that’s the main source of good health always.

See you soon:)

Dr. Gedaliah