Practical Ayurveda-3

Namaste ,

Today’s sharing is about “detoxification”. After the holidays here in the west everyone thinks about detoxing because of all the rich foods eaten over the holidays and  as a jump start for dieting into the New Year. Not a bad idea, but in the cold weather according to Ayurveda it is not a good idea to be eating too much raw food. Ayurveda supports  “detoxification” mainly at the junction between two seasons.. like winter into Spring; ideal, or summer into Fall. “Panchakarma” is a full detox program  with several therapies  done for one to three weeks under supervision. I highly recommend the one offered at the Ayurvedic Inst in Albuquerque. I’ve done it a few times at it is a special  and rare experience. Your body and soul will love it.

But if you have “detoxing” on your mind, here’s a few ways for DAILY detoxification which can be very beneficial for your health on an ongoing basis:

1- Eat lots of cooked leafy greens like kale, collards on a daily basis as they help detox the liver.

2- Eat “kitchari”, which is a soup made from split mung beans , rice and veggies. You can eat this for two days of the week to give your digestion a break. Add ginger, tumeric and cumin to support your “agni”- digestive fire. Or you can do a one day fast per week on the day of the week you were born, starting with fruit juice, some tea during the day, vegetable broth, hot ginger water, then end the day with kitchari. An easy type fast!!

3- Drink “triphala” tea before bedtime. This is an ayurvedic tea made from three fruits which help to gently clean the colon. Triphala is a staple in ayurveda and can be taken long term. It is also available in tablet or capsule form.

4- Cook with “ghee”- clarified butter . Ghee helps with elimination and adds just the right “kindling” to the digestive fire- “agni”

5-Don’t snack between meals..

6- Drink plenty of water. First swish it around in your mouth to get the digestive enzymes going and enhance the hydration process.

7- Try “psyllium husk”- one tsp at bedtime with warm water- drink immediately- it is full of fiber and binds the stool for proper elimination.

8- Try eating “two” meals a day for one month..the largest meal at lunch. I like “masala milk” at bedtime when i do this as it has tumeric and roasted cumin seeds in it.. ofcourse drink it hot!

Remember, it’s all about “agni”- how is your digestion? how is your elimination? how are you digesting life? Look at the beauty around you and know you are also that.

Happy New Year 2013.