Seven Ways to Direct Your Mind to be Simple and Intentional

 Seven Ways to Direct Your Mind To Be Simple and Intentional

Remember all the times in the past when you had so much going on that you just said ” I need to just be” or ” I need a day in the mountains” or a day without cellphones, or a day on my deck? or a “marma session”?

 Well, perhaps we are facing these kinds of feelings more often right now. Would you agree?
There’s just so much going on a regular basis that it can feel overwhelming. Feelings of grief and loss have become part of the fabric of our everyday life.53% of adults in the United States reported that their mental health has been negatively impacted due to worry and stress over the coronavirus, cited from
But there could be an opportunity in all of this chaos.  Maybe it’s to prioritize, maybe it’s to simplify, become intentional where possible and also to just “be”.
Here are seven ways to direct your mind to be simple and intentional:

1.Aim to watch the news only once per day to get informed. This self care practice is practical and healthy for the mind as it will not lead you to think about things that you have no control of. 
2.Take time during the day to meditate or just focus on your breath. If you sit down and make up your mind that you will put it’s stories aside for now and allow it to unwind as it does meditation can then become as natural as sleep. Use your intentionality when sitting for meditation.
3. Make up  your mind to stay as ” present” with it’s thoughts as possible. I often break it down into “segments”. This creates intentional thinking. For ex.  If you know you cooking or shopping for example just focus on what you are doing rather than check phones and emails. This leads to distractions and confusion. It connects your body and mind to the activity at hand.
4. Take time to look up at the sky and enjoy it or marvel at the leaves changing. Again be intentional about it. Daydream and give your mind a chance to feel wonder.
5. Remember to be grateful! Say out loud your appreciation if you like. ” I appreciate this tree in front of my house”; ” I appreciate my husband for picking up dinner” ” I appreciate the check out person at Target”.
When you focus on appreciation your vibrational energy shifts. It’s true. See for yourself and try it out.
6. Create an affirmation for yourself like ” I appreciate myself and everyone I meet today”.
Affirmations are intentional thoughts. They gather the reigns of the mind and direct them toward a positive thought and action. They give the mind a focus when it veers off in it’s many directions.
7. Be extra good to yourself right now. Yesterday I sat in the park on a swing bench and brought my oil pastels and pad. Didn’t matter the outcome was just happy to look at the colors, hear the sounds of nature, smells of Fall and drop thinking for awhile. On the car ride home I connected with an inner voice that had revealed something significant to me. It was a moment of connecting with the Self and a feeling of freedom.
In other words, connect with your Self. Allow yourself to just “be”. In those free moments magic can happen.
8. Don’t negate talking with someone or even having a long distance Marma session. I am running a special for new clients  $135 for the hour. If you know of someone suffering from mental health right; stress, anxiety, depression, grief, loss  please refer them to me. 

I know this may sound very simple… it can be.
” Anything that you accept fully will take you into peace. This is the miracle of surrender”.

Eckhart Tolle