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The V, P, K’s of Ayurveda

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It was great fun sharing Ayurveda 101 at Sama -Food For Balance in Buckhead, Georgia  Wed May 9th for Mindful Mornings. We had the company of over 12 great women wanting to learn more about this ancient science of self-healing. Kuddos! First, we danced in a circle singing ” Earth is my body, water is my blood, air is my breath and fire is my spirit” while we connected to these words and to each other. Then we sat down and talked about Ayurveda. In case you missed it and want to know, or would like a review,  here’s what we covered:

Ayurveda, means “knowledge of life”, “science of life, “sacred knowledge”- sister science to Yoga- over 5000 years old- sustainable?

It is the oldest mind/body healing system in the world. Its primary focus is to balance, increase longevity and prevent disease- in modern terms “anti-aging” or aging gracefully.

It helps us balance our own nature with nature outside by understanding our primary constitution, the current state of health, right foods, herbs, essential oils, breathing, yoga postures, meditation, and energy healing ( Marma), gemstones, colors, and sound. In other words, Ayurveda uses the “five senses” to heal our body/mind connection.

The goal of Ayurveda is for us to know our true nature and reach our full human potential!

Western medicine views the body as bones, muscles, organs, and systems separate from the whole. Ayurveda, an integrative system of health, looks at the whole person when addressing imbalances. For example, the same person who has a headache may be treated differently depending on the cause of a headache and depending on their energy type or dosha. In other words, Ayurveda seeks to find the “root cause ” of the imbalance whether mental, emotional or physical( structural). One size does not fit all.

Our mind /body types determined at birth ( prakruti) by our parent’s combination of energies is defined by three elements or combination of two of them. The energies of movement ( vata), transformation ( pitta) and structure ( kapha).

Vata people are generally thin boned, have a tendency toward anxiety and constipation. When balanced they are creative and very spiritual, kind-hearted people. We showed the example of butterflies. The three tastes that balance Vata are Sweet, Sour and Salty. (ex. Mia Farrow)

Pitta people are generally medium bonded, have a tendency toward irritability or jealousy, have strong digestion – become imbalanced with spicy foods and are generally competitive, goal oriented and stay busy always. we showed the example of bees. Pitta types are balanced with Sweet, Bitter and Astringent tastes. ( ex.Nicole Kidman)

Kapha types are generally larger boned, have a tendency toward procrastination, sluggishness but are very loving and caring; earth mothers. they need stimulating activities and foods to balance their dosha.- dry brushing, soul cycling, pungent taste. The tastes that balance Kapha are bitter, pungent and astringent. ( ex. Oprah Winfrey).

To find a list of foods for each dosha go to http://www.banyanbotanicals.com

It is best to aim to include all six tastes in your meals or throughout the day for optimal digestion and immunity.

By knowing what energy type you are you are paving the way for a healthier and happier life. It also serves us to understand the tendencies of others and have compassion.

We concluded by drinking Shannon Sligers’ customized juice with the six tastes. So special!

Thank you all for attending and don’t forget this month’s special at the Spa is 10% off Ayurvedic and all spa services! 404-814-9808. In this one hour session, you will learn your energy type, receive recommendations to balance and experience “Marma”, energy balancing. You will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, ready to begin your Ayurvedic path.

To read more published articles by Gedalia visit her website at http://www.gedaliahealingarts.com- Gedalia is a regular contributor of Ayurveda Mantra Magazine. Check out this exquisite Ayurvedic magazine at https://ayurvedamantra.ca/

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