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Three Ways to Harness Your Inner Power

Dear women friends,

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It’s easy to get sucked into the dramas of our time- Trumps’ tweets, the next “me too verdict”, bombings, shootings, nuclear war threats, you name it. I find myself turning on NPR then suddenly clicking it off. Maybe it was the long winter that got us more plugged into the news out of boredom or perhaps because we needed something more intriguing and interesting besides the grey weather.  This isn’t only true about the news but also “social media” ( why it’s called social I’m not so sure but that’s another blog), it can make you feel like someone has more or they are doing it better than you or they are more fit, young, blonde, you name it. This over-stimulation can become overwhelming, distracting and often addicting.

The mind is a tricky instrument- whatever it focuses on that’s what appears. Mind in Ayurveda is based on perception. What we see and perceive is based on our conditioning, beliefs, and feelings. The same rope that can be seen as a shadow can also be perceived as a snake depending on how someone sees it. This simple example was given by a great meditation master, Muktananda, who came to the west in the 60’s and started a meditation revolution. He gave the rope example to describe the nature of the human mind. In the same way, different children from the same family turn out differently according to their experience and perception.

It’s true that if you think about ice cream you might notice a new ice cream store. Ever happen to you?If you think of someone for a day or week and then they call you, is that synchronicity or is that energy? Some would respond to this as ” weird”- so and so called me and I was just thinking of them. (Shows you the power of your thoughts whether you believe or not.)

While it’s nice to plug into what’s going on in the world and feel up to date, negative energy and drama can interfere with the very thing you strive to achieve- peace, balance, guidance, intuition, creativity, wisdom. Your perception of the world may be colored by external events moving you far away from the values you may hold, the things you strive to accomplish or the energy and strength you need to move forward. Perhaps this overdose of negativity is what’s affecting our younger children today. I am not suggesting you detach, numb or turn your back on the ways of the world.

My point is negative energy can leave you feeling weak, hopeless, depressed and downright consumed with negativity. And it is no different in the workplace.

From an energetic perspective where I sit, there’s a phrase coined to describe this point and it says ” where attention goes energy flows”. I actually heard this for the first time when I attended a private gathering at the Chopra Institute in La Jolla, California twenty years ago where Dr. Deepak Chopra did a power point lecture on the photons in your brain and how they light up with each thought. He said to me after the gathering something like, what you focus on appears to be true. It wasn’t until many years later did I understand even a glimpse of this kind of inner power of the mind nonetheless that our thoughts are not who we are and may not be true for that matter.

My question for you is how do you want to use your energy? Should you first examine where you give it away?

Are you able to harness your “inner solar power” to sustain the dark spots and shadows in your life? (cause they are all there for all of us).The mind is not separate, in fact, the mind is everywhere in the body( that’s why I’ve chosen to work with energy). By affecting the energy, the body can heal, the mind can relax, and the traumas and memories located in the energetic body seem to disappear like a cloud moving in the sky. No pounding pillows, no healing crisis, just gentle renewal and balance, crucial to preserve our energy and attention.

Of course staying unconscious is also your choice, no pressure here, but none the less,

These are three ways to harness your power:

1.Incorporate a daily practice of connecting to the peace within you. Whether it’s meditation, walking outside in nature, or looking into your garden at the birds or flowers, make time to unplug and pause from external stimulation. Breathe! I like all those in my life.  I have found these small deposits add up over time. Soon when you are in a challenging situation ( or with your own mind and emotions) you gain the ability to pause and then shift your mind. That’s the power you can attain. This is the truth.

2. Create healthy boundaries. Why is it that men have the right to come home and need space, go in their cave and get time to unplug?Women have the right to the same thing. If you work or stay at home that transition time between day into the night can be tough. Just being “aware” of that can bring you new insights as to how to approach those times. When our children were young and my husband had a big CEO job I would have a babysitter from 4pm-9pm- those bewitching hours for a Mom of getting dinner cooked, homework, baths, bedtime rituals almost like another day started. It was a time when I needed support. When Leah would come at 4pm she would start the laundry, start prepping the dinner food and basically took over so I could get to a yoga class or work on my studies. She even drove Zack and Noah to their tennis, basketball and music lessons. And grant you at the time I was a stay at home Mom so don’t let that make you feel any less worthy of the time and space you need. In my book “Enough Drugs, I am A Woma And Can Heal Naturally” I share the value of creating a sacred space for yourself at home. In other words, making self-love and self-care a priority!

3.  Experiment with taking Epsom salt baths. Packed with magnesium ( which 80% of the population lacks) not only calms the nerves but clears away negative energy in the body. One of my clients works as head nurse in the surgical dept at a nearby hospital where people donate their organs. Talks about stress, it’s a job of adrenal collapse as she works sometimes works 18 hours a day. Recently I shared the value of Epsom salt baths mixed with baking soda to help her clear energy from the day’s tumultuous happenings. She’s in charge of over 75 surgeries a DAY. She’s a living angel. I look forward to hearing how she feels from this new ritual.

There could be many more things to this list- gemstones, relationships, but simple practical daily habits are what make you feel your best. “Begin where you begin”.

And Ps. I discovered a great website for news, creativity, self, media, entrepreneurship, politics, technology, design, with an interesting and engaging twist. I’d like to share. http://www.medium.com

Further reading about authentic power -Gary Zukav’s book “Seat Of The Soul”.

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