What is Ayurveda? What are the Chakras?

The class at ACHIM on What is Ayurveda and What are the Chakras was a packed house.

Thank you all for your joyous participation!

Ayurveda is a timeless complimentary healing art filled with gems to bring balance and vitality into your daily life. It begins with the essence of knowing and learning about your “energy type”, then building your digestive power from which all health emerges. By incorporating simple daily rituals into your life such as conscious breathing, meditation,the proper use of essential oils, herbs and foods you will raise your vibrational frequency toward optimum health. Ayurveda has know for 5000 years that good health includes your whole being; body, mind and spirit.

To learn your energy type(from birth),simply take the “Dosha Quiz” on the front page of my website @www.gedaliahhealingarts.com then schedule an ayurvedic service such as “Tongue and Pulse evaluation” for more accuracy and try the “Ayurvedic Sampler” for a taste of all the services.

What are the Chakras?

The chakras are seven energy centers that lie along the base of the spine to the crown of the head on the subtle energetic level. Modern physics describes that all matter/molecules has a certain vibrational frequency. The chakras or “wheels” of energy ¬†are of the colors of the rainbow and each correspond to different organs and mental/emotional components.The first three chakras are connected to our physical body. The upper chakras beginning with the heart incorporate our higher consciousness, including self love, compassion, intuition and connection to all of life.Whatever happens on the physical level is also disturbing the energy body where over 72,000 pathways exist. All of our physical ¬†symptoms have a correlation to a chakra. By unblocking these chakras through Marma therapy, which also enhances self awareness, one can truly heal.

Like tuning an instrument , chakra balancing through Marma therapy releases stuck energy on all levels. By freeing up the energy pathways you can feel both tranquil and renewed at the same time.

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