Marma An Ancient Healing Therapy

It’s been a week of darkness in the Middle East.
I am not interested in sharing my views or experiences but rather find the compassion and courage in my heart to be present with my feelings and the feelings of others.
You have known me for many years and some maybe a short time. And you know that grief, loss, and trauma are important to give space to, or otherwise suppressed emotions can show up as symptoms in the body or even disease.
In my twenty years of working with women’s emotional healing through energy work and natural remedies I have seen a pattern; grief can make us feel stuck. Grief can cause depression, unfelt grief can cause anger and grief can shock the nervous system like shattered glass. And mostly grief can affect the heart and the gut; hence the term” gutwrenching”- a word that I’ve used all week. 
Marma energy therapy is rare. For one, it is an ancient, over 5000-year-old healing modality utilized to unlock stored emotions and bring balance to body/mind.
Marma uses acupressure points similar to acupuncture points to increase circulation and energy flow. Each of the points is connected to an organ and its energetic component- the chakras. I have practiced offering Marma in a medical setting, an in-home session, and now in Dunwoody at my office space.
You are not only what you eat but what thoughts, emotions, and beliefs you digest at any given time. And we now know through science that our biology reflects that.
It is my honor to listen and to create space for acceptance during my sessions with women. To be with ” what is” as my Ayurvedic teacher put it is half the healing.
On this note, I am offering you a special session focusing on grief through the end of November for “returning” clients. If you are new then the Marma and the Ayurvedic holistic two hour session is available for you first.