Energy Has No Barriers

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Miss the in person sessions?
” Energy” has no barriers!

Energy is the fundamental need of our everyday life. Who doesn’t want more energy?

Many things influence our energy both positively and negatively. Our emotions, past and present traumas and stresses, fear, worry, grief , loss, anxiety all deplete our energy while fun, laughter, being outdoors, positive thoughts, loving relationships, energy healing, healthy eating, meditation, deep breathing, color, yoga  and creativity foster good energy. I’m sure there’s more to this list.

Long distance energy healing is channeled through chi, ki or prana; life force energy that is pure and directed for the benefit of another. It travels through space just as your thoughts do. We all have access to this energy.
Based upon the Hermetic Law of Similarity that we are all connected, a practitioner sending energy healing to someone understands the interconnectedness of all things and can link to the energy of the recipient.

Although I miss seeing people in person, I have found the long distance sessions to be incredibly powerful when it comes to clearing the chakras or energy centers in the body. Women awaken to their full potential. They experience their inner light and vitality.

I have focused on energy healing as a practice for over 15 years because I know that it is an integral piece of the healing process. The testimonials on my website will verify this. You can drink all the green juice you want and stand on your head morning and night but when the emotional body has been traumatized by one thing or another it is difficult to feel your best-energetically. Or if your hormones are out of whack your energy will be too. The current Covid pandemic has brought stress, fear and fatigue for many.

I am considering offering group long distance energy healing for five people at a time. If you are interested please respond to this blog. I look forward to hearing from you.