Holiday Stress Relief Tips

Dear friends,

Welcome to my weekly blog. Glad you are here.

I am enjoying working in the community again!
 I’ve joined a great group of people who are passionate about sharing health and wellness at ” Health Unlimited” on North Druid Hills Rd. ( across from Toco Hills) in Atlanta on Fridays from 12-5 through Sunday 12-5 pm. I hope you can stop by to say hello and check out the wonderful Ayurvedic supplements, essential oils, and gemstones there.
I’ve also begun to speak on their IG platform and will continue to offer holistic tips there. Follow  Health Unlimited on Instagram and you will see the videos of me and some holiday tips that were just posted.

A recap of thae holistic holiday stress-reducing tips that reconnect you to yourSelf:

1. Aromatherapy- oils of Rose and Ylang Ylang. Rose has sedating and anti-depressive qualities while ylang ylang can reduce stress and anxiety, and balance hormones.
2. An aromatherapy diffuser in your home or when traveling. One that has a ” cool ” mist.
3. Tulsi Rose Tea- Tulsi or holy basil has calming and nurturing qualities conducive to what we need right now in our lives.
4. Banyan Botanical’s ” Immune Defense” and ” Stress Ease”. To me, there is nothing like a good botanical formula that can give you just what it says. I much prefer botanical over synthetically manufactured supplements as the plants resonate with our energy and frequency.
5. Carry a gemstone with you. In the video, I am holding “rose quartz”- balancing to the heart and calming to the soul.

In one way or another, we each are feeling the pain of the whole right now and must dive in to find the strength to both surrender and still carry on in our service to our families and to one another.

Lastly, I was very excited about the Webb telescope that has taken flight into space. In about six months it will reveal the origin of this universe as well as the discovery of more galaxies we are currently not aware of. In other words ” expansion”.

Yes, it’s possible we expand ourselves right now even in the midst of difficulties.

with fierce love,