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Six Holistic Tips To Reset And Reboot Energy And Digestion In The New Year

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Happy New Year, 2022. Yes, it takes effort to find joy and gratitude with or without a pandemic. It depends on what you focus on.

One of the top three New Year’s resolutions is weight loss.
With the emotional roller coaster tone of the pandemic, along with many people working from home, it doesn’t feel like an apt time for deprivation.
Ayurveda always promotes “adding” things to one’s daily rituals rather than depriving. This feels more compassionate especially right now.

 Let’s look at six ways to reboot, reset and reenergize for this New Year 2022. Are you ready?

1. The simple practice of adding a green supplement or increasing eating dark leafy greens ( three servings daily) helps to nourish the liver, reduce inflammation and curb sugar cravings. The good thing about a supplement is you get the added benefits of land and sea vegetables filled with vitamins and minerals that we don’t get from food. The best time to add the green powder is in the morning to rehydrate the liver, either in juice, water, or room temp smoothie.

2. A kitchari cleanse is an eating plan designed to reset eating habits and cleanse your body of unwanted toxins. Some added benefits are weight loss and mental clarity. Kitchari soup combines split yellow mung beans, basmati rice, special spices cooked in ghee, and seasonal vegetables. You can purchase kitchari in kits through Banyan Botanicals or if you are in ATL stop by Health Unlimited for all the ingredients. Anywhere from 3-10 days is optimal for a kitchari reset. If that feels like too much one day is also good or even just as a meal replacement. The protein and vegetables make it a sustainable cleanse while working from home.

3. Triphala- three Indian fruits combined in tea form or tablets. Triphala is a natural colon cleanser, eradicates constipation, and can promote weight loss. Follow instructions on the tea bag or bottle. Best taken at night before bed.

4. Green tea. The caffeine in green tea has been shown to help burn fat and increase metabolism. Two to three cups per day are optimal.

5. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for pain relief and depression. However, there is no proof that essential oils can promote weight loss. But if we look at the qualities of ” juniper oil” we discover that the chemical constituents in this oil may reduce water retention which can be useful in weight loss. Always apply an essential oil with a carrier oil such as almond, jojoba, or coconut oil. Two-three drops at a time rubbed on the legs is a good approach.

6. Maintaining a balance of water and air inside the body is the key to losing weight in Ayurveda. Hot water can cleanse the body of toxins and speed metabolism. However, this may not be good for anyone with dizziness or loose bowels.
 Sipping hot water throughout the day is ideal for Vata and Kapha types.

*When taking herbs please check with your doctor first as they can interfere with certain medications.

Instead of thinking fear and illness aim to focus on self-care and optimal daily habits that will ultimately be the key to good health over time.

with fierce love,