Marma Points for Awareness and Alertness

Dear friends,

It’s been some time since I’ve written. Holidays have gone by, a new year has begun. So much energy has been spent.
Marma point therapy is an ancient Ayurvedic pressure point healing modality that clears blocks energetically from the body, mind and consciousness. It increases vitality, energy flow and enhances the skin/antiaging. Marma points when pressed gently increase energy and circulation.
I’d like to share a Marma point/exercise with you to promote “awareness and alertness”. I learned this from Dr. Narem and find it very effective done a few times a day to increase energy, reduce fatigue, even jet lag and a practical tool to use anytime to recharge during the day.
It’s easy- simply press the point between your eyebrows with your right pointer finger ” six times” in a row. Keep your feet flat on the floor ( not cross legged) sitting or sit in lotus position.
After the six times take the same finger and press the point between your nose and upper lip- this time add the breath- press, inhale, let go of the finger and exhale, press, inhale through the belly, let go of the finger and exhale. Repeat six times. It’s quite easy- just don’t create any blocks with your posture- sit upright and feel flat on floor or in lotus position.
This is also great when you feel computer fatigue.
You may practice this up to six times per day as you need and as you wish. Of course not at night unless you need to stay up for some reason.

I hope this brings some alertness and freshness to your energy, to your day and to your feeling of well being.

with fierce love,