Mung Bean Pancakes

Dear friends,

I learned of a great way to use split mung beans and I’d like to share it with you!
We know it’s used in kitchari but another way these beans can be used is in…. pancakes.
Who doesn’t like a pancake or crepe ,filled with greens or veggies in this particular form? Be creative with the fillings, anything goes.

Mung beans are high in preotein and make a good vegetarian substitute, especailly when your digestion can use a break- like at this time of the year.

Simply soak about a 1/2 cup to a cup of yellow split mung beans or green ones for about two hours in hot water or overnight. Use some of the soaking  water .Then in a blender add some of the soaking water plus other water to the consistency of pancake mix. On a hot griddle add some ghee and pour some batter.

Click here for a more complete recipe and spice it up.

This is such an easy dinner or breakfast!

Hope you enjoy!!

with fierce love,