Time to Change It Up?

The weather is changing, the air feels different particularly in the morning and early evening.
Ayurveda, ” knowledge of life” science of life” describes our physiology as emulating nature. Earth is my body, water is my blood, air as breath, and fire is my spirit.These five elements are in constant interplay both in the environment and in our bodies. During each of the seasons, it is good to pay attention to the qualities of nature, says Ayurveda.
Fall is dry, light, airy and cool. We are leaving the long hot summer days and transitioning right now to fall.
Is it time to change it up?

From watermelons to cooked apples and pears, figs, grain bowls. sweet potatoes, less dairy and meat, to soups like lentil and kitchari, this is your time.
Speaking of kitchari, Ayurveda’s hearty detox soup here are a few options:
1. My favorite recipe from the school I studied at
You may find the ingredients at an Indian grocery store. Very easy to make.
2. Not a cook? Pick up kitchari at
if you live in Atlanta.
3. Purchase a kitchari kit here

Here are seven reasons why kitchari is a fabulous food for cleansing:

  • Kitchari is Good for Everyone. 
  • Kitchari is a Complete Protein. 
  • Kitchari is Easy to Digest. 
  • Kitchari is Nourishing Enough to Get You Through Your Day. 
  • Kitchari Improves Digestion. 
  • Kitchari Loosens Toxic Buildup.
  • Kitchari Removes Natural Toxins from the Body.

hpe you consider changing it up and letting your body release some of that summer heat.. (but not the summer fun).

with fierce love,Gedalia