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Twelve Outstanding Benefits of Consuming Ghee

 Dear friends,

Starting next week you will find my weekly blog on my facebook Gedalia Healing arts page- here is the link.  https://www.facebook.com/GedaliaHealingArts  If you click on the link and “like” the page you will receive notification of the post if you turn on that button on your phone. My last day at Centre Spring is this Saturday, Sept 1. It has been an honor to know all of you and to walk together healing ourselves and our families and hence the world around us. Thank you for allowing me to share my gifts with you!

Initially, we were moving to Arizona for business reasons. But since then we’ve been informed we can live anywhere in the USA.  We have so many wonderful friends here in Atl, a community of spiritual people we consider like family, clients like you who have touched my heart in so many wondrous ways, and children who live on the East Coast. We are having second thoughts about leaving. I will discuss potential arrangements with Centre Spring soon. I am ready to utilize more of my skills in Naturopathy, energy medicine, Ayurveda, intuitive healing, and oils to further enlighten women to their own inner strength.


Ghee is greatly revered in Ayurvedic medicine both internally and externally on the skin. The skin of the gut inside and out. It’s truly a miraculous medicine when consumed and in Ayurveda, it is often used as the “carrier” oil for internal herbs. It’s one ingredient I would recommend not to miss in your daily routine.

( *if you have high cholesterol or have high toxicity check with your doctor or Ayurvedic practitioner)

But first, what is it? It’s also known as “clarified butter”- meaning the milk solids have been strained out making it good for lactose intolerant people or anyone who wants to increase digestive and immune power. To see pictures of making ghee visit my Instagram page ( Gedalia Healing Arts). To make simply use “grass-fed butter unsalted” and put in saute pan on low heat. The butter will slowly boil- do this for ten minutes ( keep watching so it does not burn)- a golden clear liquid will be at the bottom ad the foam will rise to the top- cool for 3-5 minutes and strain. Keep in a glass container inside a refrigerator or on your shelf for up to one month. ( I had  a green tea late in the day yesterday and stayed up late making ghee).

  1. Ghee increases digestion and absorption. Ghee stimulates the secretion of stomach acids and in turn, increases our ability to break down food.   Ghee also removes toxins and promotes elimination, both of which will help to increase one’s overall digestive capacity. In Ayurvedic terms, it increases “Agni” which governs our overall energy! 

2. Ghee has a high smoke point and will not break down into free radicals like other oils. Chefs like to use clarified butter or ghee for this reason3

       3. Ghee does not need refrigeration.

4. Ghee is highly nutritious both in vitamins A and E. It is also rich in CLA ( anti-oxidant and anti-viral) properties if sourced from grass-fed cows.

       5.  Ghee is rich in medium chain fatty acids which are absorbed directly into the liver and burnt as energy. Athletes can use it for consistent energy.

       6.  The energy from ghee can be used to burn fat and promote weight loss.

       7. Ghee is beneficial for intestinal bacteria. Ghee is like eating probiotics, prebiotics and fiber combined. Butyrate acid found in ghee is balancing to the gut flora and is beneficial for reducing                    Candida overgrowth and other unwanted pathogens.

       8. Can be used to treat inflammatory bowel conditions such as Chrons and ulcerative colitis.

       9. Ghee stimulates secretion of gastric acid which helps digestion and decreases inflammation

10. Ghee helps to increase positive thoughts and emotions.

      11.Ghee contains the essence of milk which has the properties of Motherly Love, therefore, bringing nourishment and balance

12. Ghee reduces the risk of colon cancer.

Have a safe and fun weekend,