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What Ways Do You Nurture Yourself?

Gedalia’s Weekly Holistic Tips
What ways do you nurture yourself?

I met with a producer/voiceover and brand expert, Caroline Slaughter this past week.  We met at the Center for Love and Light at a healers’ networking event. All our names went into a basket and at the end of the meeting, we each picked one another’s service. I got hers. What I loved about our meeting and her suggestions, besides her being a delightful person, were these words:
nurturing, brave, coming home to yourself.
This is how she saw me and the messages I  convey. We both agreed the word “empowerment” has been overdone and sort of “it” but not, and that the tools or gems I practice and share all have a nurturing aspect to them. 

So I invite you too to think of what I share in this way( If you haven’t already); especially if you are new to reading my blog. Caroline’s words really capture the essence of what I share with you.

In the midst of much political upheaval and energy disruptions this week I found myself asking these inner questions:

  ” what can I do to nurture myself” ” what can I do to nurture the environment?”, and ” what can I do to nurture the collective”?  ” How can I stay strong in the midst of what appears to be chaotic”. I sat quietly each morning as I usually do to contemplate and listen for answers as I included these questions on my morning alone meditation/prayer time. The answers are coming slowly.

What ways do you nurture yourself? Don’t for a second underestimate the power of YOUR well being!!! These are some suggestions from other women.

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