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Thoughts on Truth

Dear friends,

silhouette of person surrounded by plants

The topic of “truth” has been playing out in our outer world.  I am certain each of us has a response. Ayurveda teaches that what takes place in the macrocosm goes on in the microcosm. While contemplating “truth” these words came up for me. I thought I’d share.

Truth begins with the words you tell yourself.

” I am worthy”

” I am of value”

“I have gifts to share”

( we can each add our own)


If you feel stuck in negative emotions you may want to sing, dance, move, create art, take a yoga class, do tai chi, meditate or receive energy healing. Because in this place of feeling “stuck” it is easy to identify yourself with those emotions.

The fall season can easily stir up emotions. Ayurveda calls this season ” vata”. Its qualities are dry, light, cold, and windy.  Try to be gentle with yourself during this time. Notice patterns of thinking and feeling that no longer serve you instead of judging them. Let them fall to the ground of nature so that you may prepare for transformation. May your true colors shine forth!

My recommendation is ” move with the energy”.

with fierce love,



Two new locations on the horizon for my services. Decatur and Suwanee. Sandy Spring in January. Will send details soon and feel free to email me. I am also offering home visits. Can’t wait to share.