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It’s Your Birthright To Be Free

Dear friends,

Happy to share this podcast with you!

After publishing the article The Power of Creativity in Well Being Journal ( July Aug issue) One Life radio station invited me on their show.  The reason this is exciting is that creativity is not something I did as a child. Meaning I wasn’t the kid who doodled, sat down to draw or painted. My mother said she saved a few letters I had written to her. I did, however, love color in various forms – in clothing, design and in nature. My brothers used to invite me to shop with them and I was always updating my mothers’ clothing. I’d say I had a knack for design and clothing pieces.
After practicing meditation in 1990 I was drawn to the healing arts and painting with vivid colors. This expression of energy healed me on various levels- body, mind, and spirit alongside the outgoing healing energy I share in my sessions.
 Having spent years prior to 1990 experiencing much grief and loss, feelings of abandonment and loneliness I encountered yoga and meditation. Both changed my life and the trajectory it was going.  I was on a mission to heal myself, to move toward a more whole version of myself. That feeling is inherent in all of us. It’s just that many people look outside to find it. The various vibrational modalities, essential oils, gemstones, energy healing, color, gemstones, meditation, yoga postures, breathing exercises, chanting, and service has transformed me. Meditation was the catalyst.

I can say with a fierce love that after 36 years of practicing yoga and meditation I feel the best I’ve ever felt in my life now approaching 64 years. And it’s just the beginning.  So don’t let anyone tell you after 60 you go downhill, need to retire or that youths are the only ones that count. We all count as women, tall, short, thin or thicker. We each have a unique light that shines within us.

Pay homage to that light and keep it shining brightly!  It’s your birthright to be FREE. 

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