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Four Ways to Create Space for Silence

Dear friends, Welcome to my weekly blog! Let’s face it, we are living in times of great distraction and sensory overload; noise.Here’s a startling fact, writes Dr. Jay Kumar in his book Brain, Body, and Being. In our modern, 24/7 high tech world, the average person is bombarded with the equivalent of 174 newspapers of…

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It’s Your Birthright To Be Free

Dear friends, Happy to share this podcast with you! After publishing the article The Power of Creativity in Well Being Journal ( July Aug issue) One Life radio station invited me on their show.  The reason this is exciting is that creativity is not something I did as a child. Meaning I wasn’t the kid…

Japa Meditation- an alternative to sitting.
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Japa Meditation- an alternative to sitting.

New location! With Ayurveda/Marma growing by popular demand I’ve added a new location. Mondays @ AcuWellness 550 Pharr Rd  Buckhead suite 410- contact me for appts there 678-357-3443 or email, please. Dear friends,Sometimes it feels hard to sit and meditate. You just feel antsy and anxious, impatient to wait for the mind to calm down. What’s an…