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Is Viewing Art Good for Your Health?

artDear friends,

As we live in the digital age viewing art is more and more accessible online. But is viewing art in person actually good for your health? This topic, if you know me personally is “dear to my heart”. Being a health and wellness practitioner for over 15 years I witness the rise of stress, anxiety, and depression amongst women along with the use of antidepressants.

These are some facts:

Antidepressant use especially is high among women, up 29 percent since 2001, the report showed, and anti-anxiety meds are used by women at almost twice the rate seen among men. In 2010, 11 percent of middle-aged women were on an anti-anxiety medication, while only 5.7 percent of men that age were. (Huffington Post Nov 16, 2011)

“Often our symptoms are our body’s way of speaking to us and are a wakeup call to change our behavior, approach or attitude. When we take medications that mask our symptoms and dull our emotions we dim our ability to recognize the underlying problem and what our body or heart is trying to tell us.” ( Excerpt from “Enough drugs!)

In the book ” The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron ( filmmaker and producer)- a twelve step program to heal the inner child ( the artist), she recommends taking yourself on an artist’s date ( by yourself) to your favorite furniture store, art gallery, fabric store or you name it- whatever brings you joy for up to two hours every week. This simple yet enriching time alone can boost your mood, creativity, relationships and outlook. She understands the powerful value of seeing art to become inspired and happy. Check the book out below.

I share this article with you from a newsletter called  “The Elephant Journal- a mindful life” which expresses the beauty of seeing art and how vital it is for your health. This pretty much sums it up.



  As I reflect on the times I went to yoga/spiritual retreats in upstate New York, in the 90’s, I  marvel at the fact that every time I was there I  was “somehow” seated next to a woman artist. I remember that I felt like this was a sign, a reflection of myself in that other person- a secret wish I was not in touch with yet myself but yet the seeds were being planted in my being that creativity would be part of my life purpose and joy. I would sit with delight and surprise as these events occurred. One such artist is Jill Roman. Soon after I found myself at a pastel art class with her in the Bay area of California with an 85-year-old art teacher that patted me on the back and said: ” keep going”. I’ll never forget such encouragement as I began painting a bird not knowing what I was doing but just did it. I can still say now I don’t know what I’m doing but love that part and just keep doing it.

What is it that makes your soul happy? Could that be your life purpose? What is it that makes you lose track of time when you do it? What is it you would do if you had no limitations- time, money or self-doubt?

Can you take yourself this week on an artist’s date with no agenda, with no one else but to please yourself? See if it feels good for your health.

I’d love to hear.

Local Art 

Oglethorpe University- Southeastern Pastel Society Show

Greg Irby Gallery on the West Side


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Recent Recommended Reads:

Looking for a good summer read? A friend gifted me this book after writing about true power-  a novel inspired by the legendary spiritual master, healer known as the Baal Shem Tov- who beckoned forth love from the hearts of rag pickers, ruby merchants, midwives, and murderers.  Set in the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth of the 1700’s, this exquisite remembrance of one of history’s most revered mystics takes the reader back in time to experience the true meaning of power and the timeless grace of love. I could not put the book down! A real heart opener, filling me with renewed compassion and love amidst the most challenging people’s stories.

After reading that I revisited a book from the past called “Living with JOY and was reminded that I’m doing it! ( even with other challenges)

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

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