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Three Easy Ayurvedic Travel Tips

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We’ve witnessed this past week how the “have it all” life didn’t lead to happiness both through the deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. Maybe you have another take on it- that’s mine- I can’t speak for you. I could not start this week’s blog without their mention. I have more questions than answers and am still contemplating the fact that their souls have given the world a great lesson. Not just that there are mental health issues because frankly, that word means psychological and emotional imbalance- who doesn’ have some of that some of the time? Their issues went deeper and for longer periods of time than anyone was aware of. Perhaps their lives lacked a “spiritual” connection an awareness of something greater than themselves, a purpose greater than they could see and the lack of practices that may have tied those pieces together to perceive their innate value. Without meaning or value, what is there? Was it “lack of self-worth”?; a sense of success that only comes from the inside out not the outside in? It’s all skeptical and no doubt depression can feel utterly painful and dark. It’s hard to fathom hanging oneself, leaving a child behind, and the creative pursuits that anyone would dream being part of. I intend to write more about this in another blog or article. Perhaps there will still be more questions, not answers but for me, it’s reminded me to wake up grateful- just to be alive. That’s a humble place to start when I get out of bed. I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’ve sent my prayers and hope you can find some way to feel compassion for these souls. We are ENOUGH!

It’s travel time and many of my clients tell me they feel out of balance when they return home. This is due to aggravated “vata“- the air quality, movement, lack of daily routine, and eating foods that aren’t cooked at home.

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 Here are three things you can easily implement anywhere.

Three Ayurvedic Travel Tips:

  •  Let’s face it. You arrive somewhere, you’re so excited you are finally there. You may feel tired but wired even after you’ve eaten and settled it. What to do?  Easy, massage oil on your body at night. Warm sesame oil is easy to prepare- simply run the bottle under hot water ( not microwave), massage and take a warm bath before bed. This is very grounding. Sesame oil can easily be carried in four-ounce bottles.
  • Best to stay with warm, cooked food as opposed to salads and raw food. The warm foods are more grounding and easier to digest. Aim for soups, stews, chicken, and fish with steamed vegetables. Most restaurants will prepare a roasted vegetable plate even if it’s not on the menu. Just add lentils, black beans, cooked rice or quinoa and you have a good meal. Mediterranean, Thai, Mexican, Farm to Table are your best bets.
  •  Triphala- Ayurvedic’s herbal panacea for digestive health -both regulates the bowels, preventing constipation as well as calms jet lag. Add a 1/2 tsp of the powder to boiling water and drink as tea before bed or in the morning or take two tablets with warm water at bedtime. You can purchase Triphala here. If you can’t see the products, click on the “View this email in your browser”. It’s on the top right of this email.


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