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Experience Inner Peace Wherever You Are

Dear friends,

To discover Ayurvedic Tips on staying cool read my recent article here BALANCED PITTA.

Please share the article with anyone who you feel could benefit! I appreciate your support in growing awareness of self healing with others. This is how I believe we can participate in changing our world- by healing ourselves and raising our vibration. For further reading on healing oneself and what it means to heal, I recommend Deepak Chopra’s book ” The Healing Self” written with neuroscientist Rudolph Tanzi.

To pick up from last week’s blog; now that you’ve brought awareness to your feelings, your body and your spirit and noticed which chakras may be out of balance or perhaps noticed ALL your chakras are out of balance ( especially when there is “shock” from sudden death of a family member or friend) this blog will focus on meditating as a way to experience inner peace- wherever you are.

Click HERE for a new three-minute meditation. Thiw will also be published on Insight Timer. Be sure not to listen to this while driving a car! It is best to sit in a quiet place away from distractions to gain the full benefits.

To heal your chakras:

Dance (first chakra)     Sing ( throat chakra)      Walk outside (with no earphones) (all chakras)      Sit under the moonlight (especially July’s FUll MOON -all chakras)     Eat colorful Food (all chakras)   Feel your grief then write  about it or paint a picture (heart chakra)     Have the courage to heal yourself   Choose Love over Fear ( heart)    Write a letter- Don’t send it( heart chakra, throat, third)

See the other person’s perspective (you don’t have to agree)   Choose what’s BEST for You     Be Kind       Meditate Daily without judgement    Pray about something challenging you (then allow yourself to receive the answers)      Thank Someone who challenges you( heart chakra)    Accept a gift     Give a gift (heart chakra)            Be creative (second chakra)   Raise your vibration each day- it’s not selfish!

It is true that whatever you tell yourself becomes your world. I discovered this in my own experience after meditating for over 30 years. What freedom there is in that feeling! The practice of meditation helps loosen the grip of the habitual thoughts and feelings you call ” I” or “mine” and slowly expands your awareness. It is an effortless process. The only effort you need to make is to sit in silence and allow the mind to unravel. Remember meditation is not a struggle with the mind- quite the opposite.  You may want to refresh your understanding by reading or rereading the meditation chapter in Gedalia’s book ” Enough Drugs! I am a Woman And Can Heal Naturally- a practical guide to feeling your best” and listening to the meditation.

Thank you for reading and engaging with this blog. ” Begin where you begin. What did you read that got you thinking that would help me! Then begin with that. Whether that is grabbing your paints, heading out for more walks in nature or taking up a tai chi or meditation practice. Listen to that quiet inner voice!” ( Excerpt from Enough Drugs!)

with fierce love,