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Essential Tips for the Change of Season

Dear friends,

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Just as you change your clothes every season, so too we need to change our eating patterns each season according to Ayurvedic wisdom.

Seasons have properties or qualities that define nature. As the leaves change color and fall from the trees there is dryness, wind and cool qualities of the earth. These qualities stimulate “vata” both in the environment and within our bodies and mind. 

A homeopathic principle also true in Ayurveda is that ” like increases like” and “opposite qualities heal”. With that said the opposite of dryness in terms of diet is

warm, cooked and oily. This may be difficult if you’re used to having cold smoothies from the summer but it is actually a good time to make a shift.

Nature is giving us warm, sweet nurturing foods such as butternut squash, pumpkin, apples, pears supporting our immune system for winter. If you follow nature you follow Ayurveda. How could you go wrong with that?

You may want to replace your morning smoothie with cooked apples, dates and ghee, and steel cut oats for example. Instead of salad for lunch, you might have a lentil vegetable soup, butternut squash soup, kitchari or wild salmon cooked with vegetables. If your not a cook and want to pick up kitchari you can find Ayurvedic meals in Buckhead at http://samafoodforbalance.com/

The windy quality can often stir a bout of constipation or dry skin. Dry foods such as pea protein, chips, leftovers, microwaved, popcorn, crackers increase the dry quality in our bodies which again is not the goal for this season.

To counteract use plenty of ghee ( hold the coconut oil as it’s cooling), olive oil, and oil the skin with sesame oil daily. This ancient practice of abhyanga is both anti-aging, immune supporting and hydrating for the skin. You can use sesame oil for this practice. For more info visit https://www.banyanbotanicals.com/info/ayurvedic-living/living-ayurveda/lifestyle/self-oil-massage/

Once you get into the habit of oiling your skin daily I guarantee you will love the results. It’s grounding, nurturing and gets a big check on the “self-care”‘list.

Be sure to stay well hydrated and if you find your emotions have gotten stirred up spend time breathing, meditating and noting what no longer serves you. Minimize the negative effects of the news and replace it with something fun like dancing, writing a poem, baking or quilting. Aim to let it go or at best witness the emotions with compassion and self-love. It’s hardest to love our limitations but don’t you love everything about your children? Well if you don’t you at least give them acceptance and compassion.

Be extra good to yourself this season and don’t forget to include a “Marma” session for your self-care. It’s anti-aging, grounding, enhances the flow of energy in your body/mind, clears negative energy, balances emotions and hormones, plus…. here is what the Chopra Center writes about it  https://chopra.com/search?keys=marma

For more testimonials about Marma go to http://8zq.e3b.mywebsitetransfer.com/testimonials/

I’ll be in Decatur a few Tuesdays a month for appts.  Also offering in home visits for “new clients” ( not previously form other offices).Call 678-357-3443 or email me.. I look forward to connecting with you.


with fierce love,