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Three Ayurvedic Travel Tips

Dear friends,

While we love to travel and explore during summer or spend time with family, there are few common discomforts that occur as a result. You may experience jetlag, dehydration, insomnia or other related symptoms.

Ayurveda offers simple tips to maximize your travel pleasures.
These are “three Ayurvedic travel tips”:

1.  Try an oil massage.
 The concept of using oil on the body dates back thousands of years according to Ayurveda and is called “abhyanga”. Applying oil to the body is both grounding and soothing for anxiety; especially on the feet. The feet contain the entire map of the body’s organs and there it will absorb quickly resulting in a feeling of groundedness and calm.
You also may add essential oils such as lavender, orange, ylang-ylang, or jasmine to enhance your bedtime ritual. Carrier oils such as sesame, sweet almond oil, or cooling oil such as coconut oil during summer are good choices. You may also want to mix the essential oils ahead of time into the carrier bottle ( a few drops for a 4 oz. container).Such an easy and effective practice both at home and while traveling.

2. Eat foods that are grounding.
Traveling disturbs the ” Vata” dosha which goes out of balance with movement, lack of daily rituals, salads, raw food, and cold environments. Aim to eat warm, cooked food as opposed to salads and raw food. The warm foods are more grounding and easier to digest. Grain bowls, chicken, fish, lentils, black beans, sweet potatoes, ghee, are some effective choices to ground the body. Whole Foods has travel size ghee by a company called 4th and Ward. Most restaurants will prepare a roasted vegetable plate even if it’s not on the menu. Mediterranean, Thai, Mexican, Farm to Table are your best bets.

3. Try Triphala. Triphala, Ayurvedic’s herbal panacea for digestive health regulates the bowels, preventing constipation as well as calms jet lag. Add  1/2 tsp of the powder to boiling water and drink as a tea before bed or take two tablets with warm water at bedtime. You can purchase Triphala tablets at Whole Foods or the tea @ Banyan Botanicals. At first, you may find the taste distasteful. Triphala’s bitter and astringent components aim to balance the body and it seems that whatever taste your body is needing for balance, that’s the one you will taste the most. So hang in there as that will change over time.

Safe and fun travel!

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