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Four Reasons Laying on Of Stones Helps Women Heal

Dear friends,

In the midst of a patriarchal chaotic upheaval, women are returning to ancient healing modalities to find healing and wholeness, strength and hope, faith and purpose. From acupuncture, shiatsu, Ayurveda, polarity therapy, Marma, essential oils, herbs, vitamins and meditation, holistic self care is on the rise. A return to these earth based practices not only heals ourselves but brings conscious awareness to our families jobs, community and planet, even when met with resistance.Yes, there is hope.

By the study, experimentation and practice of natural healing women are changing and charting the future of health care. The one to one work women are doing in this arena is very different from the mechanistic approach that still exists in modern medicine. The emphasis on self healing returns health care to women’s lives and bodies.

Through the birth of our two children, Zack and Noah I felt an awakening to the matriarchal and feminine healing qualities within myself along with a nudge toward natural and holistic healing to raise our sons. As I discovered the healing power of natural modalities I began to further study and share with others. I am grateful to help other women heal and find wholeness as I walk this path with you . I’m not just talking about techniques, diets, and exercise programs I’m talking about self love and acceptance, expanding our identities, and removing the conditioned beliefs and blocked emotions. This is the deeper work that must be done now. I truly believe ” all women are healers”. And even more, Goddesses.

I remind myself that the reason I write, offer sessions, and show up is to empower women to feel their sense of self again. We don’t need more overlays. We’ve simply just forgotten our true nature.

I’ve found that the most powerful part of my sessions with women over the last ten years has been the laying on of stones.

Here are four reasons why laying on of stones works well for women’s healing:

1.Of the four bodies, the etheric body is closest to the physical. You may have heard this known as “aura”. When someone glows you see their shining aura, when someone is depressed, it’s like a black cloud surrounds them. An illness or disease appears first at this level and can be released before manifesting into physical pain. The laying on of stones on the chakras directly clears the etheric body. When I work with women who have had cancer I often see grey molten matter rolling off the etheric body to be cleansed. The colors women see during the sessions are a direct experience of the chakras being cleansed and enlivened. This is a gift.

2.Next to the etheric level is the emotional body. As the name suggests our emotions feed into the etheric and physical bodies. Emotions are highly important to women’s health. By providing a calm space for inner peace, healing with stones can clear past and present emotional stress and traumas.In a society where grief, sadness, anger are considered negative emotions and unacceptable women often hold on to these feeling causing symptoms such as digestive issues, headaches, reflux, back pain and more deeply cancer and inflammation. We must clear this body on a regular basis. The laying on of stones clears the emotional body as well as any patriarchal negative memories.

3.The third of the aura is the mental body. This is where we think of grocery lists, pay bills, carpool dates, etc; our daily tasks. But an aspect of the mind that can use our attention is imagination. I’ve heard many women who envisioned a fibroid to be gone, or a tumor to shrink. The power of this part of the mind is immeasurable and usually gets squashed in childhood. Please allow your children to imagine! Great creative work, music, dance choreography is found in this part of the mind. The laying on of stones clears the cob webbs of the everyday mind allowing it to expand and open up to vast ideas. One woman I worked with saw paintings she wanted to paint while laying on my table with the stones. A regular meditation practice is good for your mental body.

4.The fourth of women’s bodies is the spiritual body. The more a woman can accept herself as part of Goddess, the more healing power she can transmit through the etheric, mental, and emotional bodies into the physical.This is the place of becoming a channel for healing energy or transformation for yourself or others. (And please understand this has nothing to do with what religion you may practice.) Laying on of stones works directly with the spiritual body.

You can experiment with using stones on yourself or your children before they go to bed and review my specific gemstone suggestions in my book ” Enough Drugs! I am a Woman and Can heal Naturally.” Available on Amazon.
Or, simply use the colors of the rainbow when choosing stones and place on the chakras.Your children will love this too.

Healing sessions available:
In Home Visits $185 ( no traffic, no parking) – One Hour
In Home One hour gemstone, color, essential oils recommendations for your home $100
Second and Fourth Saturday of the month Marietta Skin Care email gedaliagenin@gmail.com for appts.

Book recommendation ” The Goddess Shift”

with warm regards,