The Value of Energy Healing Is Immense
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The Value of Energy Healing Is Immense

Dear friends, Welcome! Great news everyone. I’ve got new locations to serve you.Both very comfortable and nice looking spaces for energy healingAyurveda. Buckhead office is with a cranial sacral therapist and Marietta is with a wonderful skin care specialist.Marietta- Saturdays @ Advanced Skin Care 711 Canton Rd Marietta suite 400BBuckhead- Mondays@ AcuWellness 550 Phar Rd…

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Three Ways to Harness Your Inner Power

Dear women friends, It’s easy to get sucked into the dramas of our time- Trumps’ tweets, the next “me too verdict”, bombings, shootings, nuclear war threats, you name it. I find myself turning on NPR then suddenly clicking it off. Maybe it was the long winter that got us more plugged into the news out…

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How to Boost Your Energy Frequency: Marma & Essential Oils

**Please note that the following information is not meant to replace your visit with your doctor nor to imply the discontinued use of any medication you might be currently taking.**  Dear friends, “Ayurveda accurately described the human energy system and depicted in detail where the main energy centers in the body are located and how…